Akam / Inside

Directed by Geetha J.

Featuring Jyothirmayee, Bhagyalakshmi, Geetha & Goutham

Camera: Sunny Joseph
Fowsia Fathima, Oindrilla Hazra
Poems: Geetha
Translation: Satchidanandan
Rendering: Bhagyalakshmi, Geetha
Editing: Ian McDonald
Design: Ajithkumar B.
Music: Ajayan Namboodiri
Production Manager: Radha J.
Producer: Geetha J.

Akam pictures the mindscapes of three women at different stages of life. The focus is on the akam, the inside or the domestic space. A cine-poem, it experiments with form and technology to add to the connotative meaning of the visuals. The progression of time and attitude in the poems is set against a visualisation that moves from the literary to the cinematic. A fragmented reflection of the past moves through a split present to a holistic future. The film is an exploration for a film language that brings together poetry, technology and a feminine sensibility. The traditional style of rendering each stanza of a poem twice is followed here, only it is once in Malayalam and once in English.